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2 years ago

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I read the stories of SH for some years. I have no idea how many of them are true, some of them seem a bit exaggerated or unlikely, but so what. I think they're damn entertaining, especially those in which people saw or husbands see their wives being fucked. The idea that someone will see my wife naked, and I shit that appeals to me. Naomi is 33, I think she is attractive, is a bunch of boobs, a more complete picture with a nice ass thick. They can be very dirty in bed when the mood takes you, sucking and swallowing, anal and then. outdoors and have for 4 or 5 years fucked up, but whenever the skimtube opportunity of seeing was low. I introduced the idea of ​​being a skimtube fantasy in the room, which seemed in turn observed. Fell a few tips that I thought they would be ignored and could see more or less the hope of getting naked in any place that gives. Was one of those hot weekends soon after the August Bank last year and would be out for aUnit of land in the Forest of Dean skimtube in about 2 hours from home. We parked and have a good half- mile walk in the woods, first a long distance after a narrow path. I had my hand on his back, with a key and look for a man looking back saw. We stopped and kissed her, she took me close, skimtube and then kissed her neck. She said, "Stop. Do you know what happens when I kiss your neck, " I correct order, makes them hot. I went and put my hands on the back of the top, undoing her bra. She resisted for a moment, when I worked the belt into his arms and pulled her bra. It has the most incredibly sensitive nipples, I think they are connected directly to her pussy. If I could get my hands on her breasts, she probably will not stop me from going further. The man had entered the road, watching, partially hidden. It took a narrow path, just a few meters wide, until we reached a small clearing, I was talking, hoping that if, after having heard and know where we arebe. The road was a dead end, a low rock wall about skimtube 8 feet high, on the one hand, small trees, shrubs and grass on top. began to fondle her breasts through the top, he told me to stop, but not in that tone. She replied, relaxing, and he began kissing her neck. We both heard the sound of cracking wood, was looking around wondering what was the noise. "Only a drop in the branch of age. Happens all the time," he said. On the corner of my eye I caught a movement in the grass, was not sure, skimtube but I thought skimtube I was seeing from the top of the rocks. After a minute, Naomi relaxed again. I was behind her, kissed her neck, then put his hands under her shirt and fondled her breasts. I felt her nipples hard, then took it and placed it on his head. " Let it could see some," she said, crossing her arms over her breasts. " Do not be stupid, we're in the middle of a forest, no one. " I said that I wished I was wrong, and we WatCHED. I put my hands on her arms, she moved to her side. I put my hand skimtube on her breasts again, a nipple on the other hand squeezed her belly, then into the waistband of his jeans. I had to use both hands to make the undo button, then opened, and is carrying her panties to her knees. A hand on her breasts again, the other was between the legs of fingers her pussy, kissing and nibbling her neck, a quiet moan. I could see that his skimtube eyes were closed, she writhed her ass against my cock hardening my fingers slide easily into her wet pussy. More importantly, it's just possible that a slight movement in the top skimtube of the stones to take a skimtube look to see someone. He looked at me, and I thought I would leave. The only thing I thought skimtube about, was a gesture to indicate he was well and hope he can understand. My other concern was that Naomi would notice him. I played with her ​​breasts, took her, skimtube then
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